DF130 45° Corner

DF130 45° Corner

D1002 L1002 H1300mm
D39.44 L39.44 H51.18 Inches
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Product Description

The DF130 45° Corner is the perfect way to make use of those pesky corner spaces that always seem to go to waste. 

Outer dimensions
Depth: 1002mm (39.44")
Length: 1002mm (39.44")
Height: 1300mm (51.18")

Inner dimensions
Depth: 962mm (37.87")
Length: 962mm (37.87")
Height: 1260mm (49.60")


Product Specification

Frame Material:
6000 series Aluminium
Frame Colour:
Black or Silver
Top/Back panel:
Wood board with reversible color (White / Black)
Front/Side panel:
Transparent Plexiglass
Wood board with felt overlay (Black) or wood board with laminated (White)
Packaging size:
135 x 69 x 11cm
Packaging weight:
Max cube loading:
Outer dimension:
D1002 L1002 H1300mm
Outer dimension:
D39.44 L39.44 H51.18 Inches
Inner dimension:
D962 L962 H1260mm
Inner dimension:
D37.87 L37.87 H49.60 Inches
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